Monday, June 6, 2011

there was a girl
with bee-stung lips
mad, of course
a shakespeare comedy
her head on my shoulder
and then
in a moment
I'll never understand
I failed
she looked at me
and thought 'no'


nobody said...

Hullo boys and girls.

Yes, yes, no need to tell me that that's not a haiku. It's actually just a memory that popped into my head the other night. And I wrote it down. And put it here for want of somewhere better.

Pile in if you like, if you feel inspired, but otherwise you can wait and I'll put a new thing up shortly. I think it's time for a tune rather than a picture. I couldn't do it while I was at the library but now with a regular connection I can.

nobody said...

PS. The girl in the photo isn't her. It's just someone I found on the net who had the right expression on her face.

Anonymous said...

Looks a tad like Mariel Hemmingway, only younger. Interesting memory you shared there, mate.

By the way, our friend Dave McGowan is posting again now. He's got me Googling again, and frantically. That Black Dahlia thing is spooky. It happened a couple months before I blew in on the planet. I can hardly wait until Dave ties it in, in his upcoming chapters.

Anyways, cheers my friend. It's summer here; I'll throw something on the barby in your honor. (I quit drinking years ago)

Dave Q.

nobody said...

Dave Q!

Lovely to have you pop in. And yeah, I'm quite excited about Dave McGowan firing up again. As for the Black Dahlia I was up on that what with having been a big James Ellroy fan. The Black Dahlia was the second in his LA quartet.

Mind you, I met James Ellroy at a book signing and decided he was a dickhead. And then post 911 he wrote a particularly idiotic crime novella in which he turned himself into a pretzel in order to have Arab villains - eyeroll. Not forgetting that he was always only one step away from being a self parody anyway and with that book he easily crossed the line and now I've got no time for him.

But to hell with Ellroy, now that you've reminded me I'm off to read McGowan's latest piece a second time.

As for barbies, if it's in my honour you may not throw a shrimp on the barbie since, a) Australians have never traditionally barbecued 'shrimp' and b) we don't call them shrimps - we call them prawns. Instead just throw some snags on there. And no, I don't mean 'Sensitive New Age Guys', I mean sausages.

And no ketchup either - it's 'tomato sauce'.

Ha! I strike a tiny blow for Australian cultural independence.

Anonymous said...


A moment, a hope
Empathy, a two way street?
The illusion breaks.

Australian cultural independence? From Ned Kelly to Kevin Rudd with the disappearing Abos in between;-)

Anonymous said...


Nice to have a conversation with a lover of McGowan. (and sausages)

By the way, I've never grilled a shrimp/prawn in my life! Burgers and dogs (how very American) and sausages from around the globe. (Italian, German, Polish, etc) Tell me your fave, and it's a done deal. (mine is Chorizo)

Cheers on ya, and have a great weekend!

Dave Q.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Nobody, I am a great fan of Australia and it's people. (not to mention it's premier blogger) So, feel free to advise me on the cultural nuances, lest I come off a bigger goof than I am.

On a different note, I have a dear friend from NZ who says that he feels Aussies to be a bit 'brash'. I'd love to hear your comeback for that.

Dave Q.

Anonymous said...


Dave, excuse me for jumping in when it is not my business but the answer to your question as I understand it is that Ausies die with their boots on where as NZers go to bed with their wellies on. I am sure nobs will stand me corrected if this is misinformation :-)

nobody said...

Hullo back again,

And yes, chorizo is good isn't it? I love it. And on the topic of what New Zealanders think of Australians, I expect I would agree with them entirely. Australians are now Americans with New Zealanders a variation of Canadian. Kind of thing. To be honest I should probably go and live there but it all seems too arduous. That and the fact that I don't know anybody there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on my question. I expected something comedic, but got that and a further education all at once.

There are a few of us in America who have been wishing that there might be a haven to escape to, once the Bilderbergers resume putting their agenda into play. I think that's at the root of my queries, always. It seems to be an empty hope. Even McGowan said a while ago, that going to Canada is like climbing the mast of a sinking ship; it only prolongs the inevitable.

Thanks for being there, mates.

Dave Q.

p.s. here's to a cheerier me, in future posts
p.p.s And the winner is: CHORIZO!

Anonymous said...


Dave, Years ago I got into blog commenting by way of the now defunct Google Answers. I am sure that you are up with this but if not you paid a researcher anywhere between $5 and $200 to answer a question for you. The cheap ones were just tossed in for the social occasion of the commentators but if you wanted some serious research done you upped the anti. Someone once asked this very same question put slightly differently; where was the best place in the world to live an idyllic but meaningful life without modern stress. That is as best as I can remember it – in other words where is the best running away bolt hole you can find. As memory serves many commentators went for Oman which is not bad but the researcher thought the Islam/non Islam thing might ultimately be a problem. NZ and Tasmania were kicked around but the 'close laizon' between OZ and the US was noted. The researcher, of all places came up with Western Samoa which is small, particularly idyllic but a US dependency.

I was one of the founding contributors to the Trout Clan Campfire (which has nothing at all to do with fishing btw). I know it is not one of Nobs fave sites but I like the people who go there. This is a cyclical question to be tossed around there. Latest thinking, last time I dropped in which is too long ago now, anyway before my old computer blew up, was Equador. It has coastal bits, the Andies and jungle bits with all climates in between; friendly even to non Spanish speakers (apparently) and is, so rumour has it the least drug infested country in South America. You takes your money as the saying goes, I mean where in the world could you go? Back in Nobs part of the world, look at what happened to those poor buggers who were minding their own business in Bouginvillia a few years back. Or even those from the Chagos Islands who had the best life anyone could wish for until the Americans walked through the front door unanouncedand then they all started dying of what they so eloquently called 'The Sadness' (See John Pilger's Stealing a Nation).

Maybe it is only a temporary solution though. Thee are people now saying that even though Japan has dropped from the air waves, the radiation has not dropped from the air and all life on the planet will be gone in 20 years – not a happy thought. Me, I have decided on the dark side of the Moon and then I won't have to look at what is going on. Hope this helps :-/

Anonymous said...

Hi FB (and, of course, my favorite blogger--and I hope friend--Nobody),

I didn't want to appear to be ungrateful, for your taking the time to give me your thoughts related to my comments.

I've been busy dealing with some serious health issues (I'm in my seventh decade) and am a little behind my time. Please accept my belated thanks for your efforts.

Cheers, and be well, all.

Dave Q.

nobody said...

Cheers Dave, I do hope you're knocking your health problems on the head, so to speak.

And not in any literal, comedic fashion, ahem.

Speaking of health... eh, what's that? The ghost of P2P interrupts my banquet. Yes, yes, we remember youth, P. Back when it was all so easy! And we took it all for granted! Sure!

Dave Q. said...

Thanks, Nobody.

Awoke from surgery yesterday, which was a concern of mine, having probably gotten rid of the problem. The doctors are convinced, in any case.

I'm good for another 20,000 miles, it appears.

Dave Q.

nobody said...

Hullo Dave,

Well, I'm glad that went well. As for mileage, constant servicing is the ticket there. I used to get my Suzuki 750 done every 5000km. Which in your case means insert smutty double entendre here, ha ha ha ha.

Dave Q. said...

Hi Nobody,

I kinda like the privacy that seems to exist here in the past. (as you may recall being my bent, comment-wise)

I wanted to thank you for getting back to me after my last comment from the day I awoke from surgery. As for your double-entendre comment, I laughed out loud and of course had an idea or two pop in my head. I'm still 'active' for an older chap.

I just wanted to share this: One of the reasons I was unsure of whether or not I would come out of surgery was due to the remnants of the "Law of Attraction" bullshit, that somehow got in there during my captivity in the New Age mindset. So much of me wanted to leave this planet, that I feared it might happen due to my (innate/unconscious) desires. Silly, eh? Still, I just had to share it with someone who I felt might truly understand.

I'll see you around the Net, Comments, or whatever.

Dave Q.

nobody said...

Dave, glad to hear you're well. I read your comment in gmail before I came here and whilst I remembered the surgery I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was for. Me, being forgetful. But then I got here and found that you never actually told me. What was it for?

As for, um... let's call it 'being indifferent' I know what you mean. The thought occurs to me but only as a disembodied idea. For me it's not bsed on unhappiness but perhaps merely on, um... you know that movie The Bucket List? I have no bucket list. A bucket list is merely a list of desires. No surprises of course that the media tells us that we should all be filled with desire but it's the standard consumerist agenda and I got no time for it. And so I'm not filled wtih desire. I have nothing unfulfilled, no burning ambitions, no regrets at not having done things.

It's not like I want to die or anything. But it wouldn't be so terrible.

I don't have any wife or kids sure enough. I suspect I'd feel differently if that were the case.

Anyway, it's all a bit morbid and I'm tired now. I'll have a cig and hit the sack. Only nine o'clock! I'm like an old man. But mind you it was a big writing day today. Maybe that tired me out. Or perhaps it was the violence of it all? Ciao Dave.

Dave Q. said...

Hi, again.

I prefer 'the past' right now, due to the tumult over there at the Church. More on that later. Perhaps you'd even like to 'chat' via email sometime. I can't tell you how I've hoped that might happen someday. I've left enough clues, anyway.

As for the "to be or not.." question, it actually has more to do with the despair at the nearly completed NWO, that seeped in and coupled with my fear that the Law of Attraction might have some substance. Let me say this: I don't believe it does. I just remarked about how it can wreak havoc internally, as it did in the case of my facing my mortality so directly. Had to share it, is all.

Not to say that I don't reflect on the 'to be...' question. Sam Kinison once joked about why he never trashed men, like he did women: "There's a reason!", he screamed. He ended with, "A man never made me want to drive my car off a fucking bridge." That's my excuse for thinking about it occasionally. I'm---like Foxworthy--surrounded by the 'Estrogen Ocean'.

As for the surgery, I had two nearly fatal attacks on my pancreas. Causes one to pause and reflect on one's mortality. Anyhow, to my luck (another thing I don't believe in) it turned out that a mere gall bladder removal was all that was needed. Let me put it this way: I'm back to eating spicy Thai food, with no issues. (and good old American Pizza)

I've mentioned before that I'm in my seventh decade. Nevertheless, I consider folks like yourself (and even those half your age) to be peers, and actually friends.

My respects to you, for saying what you need to, when you feel you need to. I LOVE your writings. Sure, you're human and fallible. People who would use that as a straw man type of argument to discredit your insights are lower than low, in my book. And a long book it is. Sorry.

Dave Q.

p.s. depending on where I type from, I may be anon due to the proxies involved. I need my anonymity, due to being in the Land of The Not-Free, and the Home of The Chickenshit.

Dave Q said...

Hi Nobody, (do you have a nickname preference? I don't wish to offend or be presumptuous)

Love the coin haiku pic, since it literally takes me back to the old comic book days. We're talking over fifty years ago, as I embarked upon my counter-culture (or would it be "alternate" culture) reading forays. I then graduated to Mad Magazine, The National Lampoon, and the rest is History.

I shall be leaving you some new clues as to my person and contact info. {wink, wink...nudge, nudge..) It'll probably be obvious to a statcounter junkie.

Cheers, and bye-ciao,
Dave Q.

nobody said...

Hey Dave,

Actually English John did that once. He googled "nobody spends too much time at statcounter", got to an entry of mine, and clicked on it. He didn't tell me of course and when I saw it come up I just about wet myself laughing.

The only problem with statcounter is that my cache maxes at 500. Anything beyond that and I lose it. That's the deal when you use it for free.

Anyway, at the moment I'm more or less at 500 hits a day. Once I get the van and I'm gone for a week at a time I'll be missing most of it, more's the pity. But never mind. I do recall seeing you because you made such a singular trail. Ain't no one like you in there! But believe it or not it's been a while and what with having a mind like a steel trapdoor - it goes 'clang' and everything falls out of it - I can't remember where you were. Was it California? Doesn't matter. I'll spot you in there I expect.

And you're the third bloke I know who's had his gall bladder out. Apparently it's meant to happen to women but whatever. And like you, they're fine - no problems.

As for nicknames, I have no opinion apart from the fact that I'm an inveterate user of them, ha ha. I get called Nobby and Nobs mostly. It's all good, Whatever grabs you. I don't even blink.

And should you want to send me a my-eyes-only thing this is a pretty good way of doing it. It comes to me and I can then approve it or not. It's how I chat to Aangirfan. Not forgetting that no one's reading back here anyway. Oh look, a tumbleweed just blew through. Sure.

Otherwise, have you ever had a go at a haiku? Sorry mate it's that bloody trapdoor. In some ways I envy those MK zombies. They can remember everything.

Anyway, you should have a go. It's easy and you can't go wrong. Actually, it's not that easy. Trying to shoehorn a thought into seventeen syllables takes a bit of rigour. Imagination and rigour - that's art I reckon.

Ciao mate.

Dave Q. said...

Hey Nobby,

Thanks so much for the ongoing conversation. I truly appreciate it. I consider it an honor, although I don't wish to swell your head for you; it's just true, is all.

As for the haiku (and I had to laugh at the 'trapdoor' reference, due to my familiarity with that particular malady), I have not only offered a few, but made the top five in the "cherub" one. I was genuinely honored by that, since I'm pretty new to the whole concept. Sometimes, though, they roll right off the cortex, as is the case with the one I'll post shortly on the "hypno-coin" one.

Again, a genuine pleasure, sir.

Dave Q.

p.s. yeah, California is one of the places that Tor has me coming from. Usually, it has me coming at you from Germany or Denmark. (the area of my heritage) Auf Weidersehen, mein freund.

nobody said...

Thanks Dave, I look forward to it.