Saturday, July 26, 2008

Freightrain at my door
Want to clear my land for track
they say man wants goods


men come and gone
taking no notice
readies her song


Summer comes, Thank God
No need to pay for heating,
Just getting by now

"This one comes as is."
"Just look at that lovely Porch!"
"Needs some TLC."


Abandoned ranch stands
Ghostly riders haunt the land
Whispering old memories


Trains pass by no more
Abandoned house, now silent,
Springs green comes no more

Sunday, July 20, 2008

seconds, minutes
hours, days
a lifetime

voluntary confinement

i chose this?

to what end?


Tsuyuu ake ni,
Hanakin no yoru to,
Atono matsuri

Ending of the rainy season.
Friday nighttime,
after the partying


This one drank too much
That one did not bathe today
I forgot my book!


Sardines in a can
Trapped without an opener
Longing to be free


Peer through the window.
Throw a kiss for you to catch.
Hold tight till next time.


combine your chemistry
merge your cells
oil and water
perpetual duality
in the heart grid

Sunday, July 13, 2008


from time, sin and want

joy rises shimmering

spiralling home
to the eternal stars


mumbling, laughing, spinning,
completely forgotten the linear time.
spiraling into the oneness,
is still the whole shield.
I am.


Earth and Sky unite
Reaching and straining to heal
A Dance, yet the circle breaks


Full moon,Puna Beach
I saw some fat ladies dance,
and it was not bad!


Dance implores spirit.
Free us. Wind whispers, not now.
Collapse in dismay.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


completed, yet begins again

thru halflight haze,
miracle and mystery

who are you?



Baby smell, heaven.
Raspberry tummy giggles
Snuggle together.


sour milk, molasses,
baby smell and baby smile.
kootchy kootchy koo!