Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the arc of history
sensible behind these eyes
the gaze too intense


nobody said...

Last week's pic wasn't bad but none of them was what I would call a head on collision with the sublime, ha ha. I didn't even like mine that much. In the end I liked Su's the best and, syllable count or no, whacked it on the front page. Very good.

Does anyone know who's pic this is? If you do, feel free to write a haiku but don't spoil things by whacking his name in there and giving the game away. And if you don't know, all the better. Just write whatever the picture suggests to you. No constraints now, feel free to imagine all sorts of things. Faces are as much about what can't be seen as what can, if you can dig it.

john said...

vestiges of time
long harrowed wisdom to share
no one to listen

nobody said...

Other John - very spooky.

nobody said...

an arc of history
sensible behind these eyes
the gaze too intense

Anonymous said...


Weathered by the world
His furrowed brow displays the
Topography of soul


A sage ponders our
troubled times or maybe his
very troubled bowls.

I will have to stop doing these bodily function jokes, I kind of disapprove when others do them It's just that N puts up such provocative pictures.

A. Peasant said...

a lifetime of lines
thoughts worries loves hates wants needs
etched in old man's face

A. Peasant said...

serial killer?
papillon? james dean? jesus?
the face is a mask

Unknown said...

Some things are just hard;
adversity and hardship,
and a good lemon.

der schutte

nobody said...

Sorry FB, I'll try and find something less suggestive.