Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a shell of a man
but wasn't it always thus?
now that too is gone


nobody said...

Hullo boys and girls,

No one minds if I'm the only person who posts for this one do they? I'll just leave this up for a day or so (circumstances permitting) and then I'll post a new one and everyone can pile in.

Oh, and sure enough my father died. No need for commiserations since I have to be honest and say I view the matter in an entirely dry-eyed fashion. No great fan of Camus, me, but um... me and The Stranger, eh? Mind you, I can't see me murdering an Arab, so there's the whole denouement dispensed with before we've even started.

Anyway I'm in amongst cremations, account closings, apartment clearing etc. and then next week I hit the road. God knows what that'll look like - as long as it's not a movie starring Vince Vaughan or John Reilly I'll be off to a good start.

ciao ciao


Anonymous said...

they said he was dead.
I kissed him and told him
I love him and left

the man is only
memory in ones own mind
in any time frame

kikz said...


*sigh* ... you both have some rest.

hugz* and bon voyage...

stay in touch, eh?

nobody said...

Thanks Kikz,

And anon, I asked no one to post because I thought this one was too personal but gee whiz, that first one is a cracker. Very good.

Anonymous said...

Things I do not want,
clothes, books, files, some old pictures,
a lingering pain.

der schutte

Anonymous said...

I missed the last earthquake session. We were up to our ears in Japan stuff as you can imagine. Did not even think of looking at the happier sites for about two weeks. Family is all good, nothing lost but some ancient and now shattered noh masks. But...

Snow is falling now,
On crumpled roofs and families,
Its so fucking cold.

der schutte.

a beer for your dad!

nobody said...

Hey mate,

Some ancient noh masks? God, I love those things. Particularly that ghost woman.

No doubt they're all still weirded out in the A household. And who wouldn't be? I just saw Tsukiji on the telly and no one is buying fish. What a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

THe amazing thing to me is the Japanese hivethink set up. After Katrina in America, everything was all anger and fingerpointing. (granted it was a massive fuck up all over) and everyone going in seperate directions, and halfway around the world argueing it...But not in the hive. No. Here in the Hawaii hive, N's grupo gather and drink wine and then the hive begins to buzz louder and suddenly they have SKYPE conversations going simultaniously on three computers connected to the mother ship. And the buzzing grows louder and louder, and then like angry worker bees, they scream out the front door and into their Toyotas, on missions to raise money, buy iodine and adult diapers, whatever the mothership needs. And the Daijingu has a sale to raise money and suddenly my house is strangely empty of extra stuff.

I am left in the living room with a half finished beer, tears in my eyes and the knowledge that another culture is vastly superior to my own.

der schutte

nobody said...

Ha ha ha, as long as she didn't flog off that Chinese shodo I gave you. Never mind Daijingu, you end up in Jigoku if you sell the Buddha.

I had a thought on the Noh masks - you said they were 'smashed'. Were they made of ceramic? I am the world's spookiest repairer of all things ceramic. If they were ceramic, and the A's collected all the pieces (even tiny ones) and didn't throw them out I might be able to do something with them that should look pretty good. They could send them to me (carefully wrapped of course) and I could send them back (likewise). It's a thought...

nobody said...

Sorry, 'shattered'. Same Same.

Anonymous said...


Nobs, I didn’t know you had put a new one up until I reloaded the speed dial. Even though both of you were cantankerous with each other at times, you did everything correctly so far as we can see so you have nothing to reproach yourself for. Bon voyage to both of you. Here’s drinking to endings and new beginnings.

Have you had time yet to think about the future of your blog child?

nobody said...

Beats me, mate. I'm inclined to think I'll keep it up. But I'm not sure how that'll work what with not being sure where I'll be, nor under what conditions. The theory is get back to painting and scuplting. Groan, another ex-advertising hack looking to make art. How tedious.

Funnily enough I was in the middle of typing you a reply to the pix you sent and happened to log in here simultaneously. So! Instead of sending you a separate email saying thanks, I'll just say it here. Thanks. You have to love finding unexpected music. Otherwise I have a few pix lined up and I'll see how yours slots in. Hell, why don't I post one now?

Thanks mate, ciao ciao, n

Anonymous said...

Nobody April 7, 2011 9:16 AM

I appreciate you asking no one to post Nobby but I feel you are a nice fellow and would understand that we all do have shared moments so I thought I'd share one of mine - I'm pleased you thought it was worth it. If the haiku did 'catch' you I'm also sure it brought a tear as it did with my writing – thanks.

Nearly 8 years ago my mum died and that's exactly what I did with her - kissed her and told her I loved her, etc. However my departure (NSW – QLD) was to support my (single) daughter who had just given birth to my one and only grand daughter and of course wanted to get on with her life. She wanted to go back to work so I helped for the first six months or so – in house, it certainly filled a gap.

I hope you get your caretaker job out west and wish you all the best with it; it will get you away from everything - a new beginning. Talking beginnings, I reckon we all can have about four beginnings in our lives; 0~20, ~45, ~65, possibly another one after that too, I know that's how it's worked for me so far.

Anyhow, all the best with the future mate, live long and be healthy.


nobody said...

Thanks Tony, I didn't know it was you mate. That's easily your best haiku to date you know. And you wrote it for the one blog entry where it was never going to get put on the front page. D'oh! Never mind, keep piling in and one day you'll hit that nobody hall of fame.

Otherwise, still sitting tight waiting for that gig. I think it'll take a little while for them to get back to me.