Friday, May 7, 2010

Here is a work of
Art to grace your wall, We call
It Mother's Whistler


su said...

take a seat
i will just put the kettle on
it will be alright

it's going to be okay
it might not seem so now
a cup of tea?

oh my god, i am sorry
what time did it happen
i'll make us a cup

john said...

though I like whistling
boiling makes me impatient
seeking attention

It stretches the 575 a bit.

Anonymous said...

Long roads, cold and strange,
Dusty far gone train stations,
Dreams of home and tea

der Schutte

su said...


surely the party pack is finished.
where art thou?

Anonymous said...

what happened to everyone?

der Schutte

Magdelena said...

Where are you, we are getting worried.