Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a sphere was fashioned
in unfamiliar form
not real but seeming


Cruachan said...

She is looking in
Fashion icon time tunnel
We are looking out

nobody said...

Yay John. Onya Cruachan.

Give us a second, I'll pop back later.

su said...

she who rolls in glass
should make absolutely sure
that heels are flat

weak - yes

john said...

trapped or escaping
magnifying the absurd
throw rocks or let fly

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, evil,
"Bow down before me Earthlings!"
Boufant Woman rules!

der Schutte

Penny said...

Swine flu pandemic?
Get your enviro bubble!
And seal yourself away.

nobody said...

girl in the bubble -
"It's not a medical thing,
I just can't stand oiks"

john said...

a sphere was fashioned
in unfamiliar form
not real but seeming

Magdelena said...

Alics's new dress
Direct through the Looking Glass
Onto your viewscreen

nobody said...

Good haiku here. John, I do like your photes mate.

I did a thing I've never done before and went back through the old postings. There've been some brilliant haiku written here, really spooky and good. This may sound weird, but they were far better than I expected, ha ha. And it seems everyone has at least a couple of excellent efforts to their name.

We should publish a book. I reckon if we did that we'd make anything the Japanese could do look like a bunch of foreign jibber-jabber, ha!

Anonymous said...


Brown girl in a ring
She looks like a sugar in
A plum Tra la la

I am not only showing my age but admitting to the world I remember the words to Bony M songs Not that there were all that many to remember and the ones they had never made much sense anyway. Just a bunch of foreign jibber-jabber. Oh dear.

Doug Plumb said...
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Doug Plumb said...

People wake up
see me in tow
You live in a bubble you know