Wednesday, December 23, 2009

shorts or a sarong,
prawns, cold beer, a paper hat.
happy oz xmas


Destiny said...

Ex pommie parents
Hot oven - sweltering heat
A christmas sauna

Hope everyone has a good one :)

Anonymous said...


Happy xmas Oz
Not a sarong in Europe
Brass monkey weather

Best to all for the jollydays

(earlier in the week parts of Germany were minus 33C thats min 28 in old units. Brrrr!)

john said...

jolly old saint nick,
presents the many promise;
full of air and light.

Miraculix Augustus said...

Phallic kangaroo
Pouch full of colorful gifts
What's your true purpose?

# # #

Been away for a long while Mr. N, dealing with responsibilities and all, but the haiku has not been forgotten. Glad you grooved on the road vibe enough to heave the set to the top.

Biggest hindrance was the death of the previous laptop, which was timely in that I was in need of a hot-rod to handle a bit of DAW production and the like.

Started up the trio here in the village in November and the first round of lyrics to build some tunes around captured the bulk of my creative donner und blitzen.

First three titles: Look at Yourself, Plastic Angels and Acceptable Rebel.

Yes, the run-up to Sol Invictus was colder than average this time 'round here in the Ardennes borderlands. Chilly since too.

Meanwhile, I'm going to be tending my own virtual bar soon enough, though it may not be exactly what you expect from a cynical soul like yours truly... =)

john said...

The Magi surprised
In the dim of a stable
Glows a kangaroo

nobody said...

Thanks Folks, nice to hear form you Mir, and John my crack up for the day. Ha! Sorry I'm a bit rushed what with having to catch up everywhere.

john said...

nice one nobody, better late than never eh?