Tuesday, July 28, 2009

un-giant's causeway,
a non-Ikea non-room,
the outside unclosed.


Penny said...

is this one closed for comment?
sigh... it is summertime, so hard to keep up with this all.

Magdelena said...

Stillness surrounds me
In the now empty bedroom
Oh the times we had

john said...

eternal moment.
the life of insects outside.
empty for going.

nobody said...

Hey Pen, er no... open for comment. Otherwise pop back to the last one because John wrote something good. He was the only one who mentioned those weird straight lines in the picture.

Just out of curiosity, what were they?

And Buff, sex, sex, sex, that's all you think about. Honestly.

Penny said...

hey nobody;
I saw johns haiku, thanks john.
very good
what were the weird straight lines?
I assumed they were some sort of antenna.

I liked the picture, found it online, noticed the straight lines, thought they were intersting against the tree, natural vs unnatural.
I also loved the colour of the sky

Penny said...

Inside, empty space.
When viewed through the looking glass
A full world awaits

john said...

The straight lines in the moon picture are the light trails of an aeroplane. It is the result of taking a picture on a long exposure at night and shows the sequence of the planes flashing lights.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Warm, empty, sunny, sad
Derelict the seasons pass,
Ivy climbs up the walls.

Penny said...

thanks john!

nobody said...

John you nailed it. Thanks for that.


inside out shadow
doorway in the wrong direction
the sun on my back