Tuesday, July 7, 2009

needle to heaven
for the god-kings to look down
upon their spittoon


nobody said...

You should definitely click on this one to get the full rez. Then you can scroll down, and scroll down, and scroll down. It's insane.

nobody said...

Oh, and thanks to John for the last one and FB and other John for piling in. I definitely grooved on all of it.

And Buff! Where's Buff? Hats off to your effort too mate.

john said...

from the top of this
I cannot see the starving
but can piss on them

john said...

tower of babel,
ones and zeros our language;
His story repeats?

nobody said...

for the penthouse suite
a ceiling made of mirrors
to see the face of God

Skye said...

Hey Nobody, sorry I haven't been around much, life's been pretty busy lately!

Towering skyward,
It points to the heaven's,
It's unfinished yet!

Spiny Norman said...

Pointy pointy sharp
Needly up to the top
Down bannisters Whee!

john said...

mines taller than yours
no water in the desert
tis all a mirage

su said...

multi layered sardine can
attempting to reach the weakening sun
bush to the penthouse