Monday, March 26, 2012

Sorry for the confusion boys and girls. I meant to tell you earlier - the haiku blog is over. The reason for this is because nobody is over. I'm pulling the plug on the whole thing. You can read about it here.

One day there will be a new haiku blog, but who knows where, who knows when? Not me. All I know for sure is that the only certainty is change. Or to put it another way, all things must pass.

Thanks to everyone who piled in and made it happen - you were all brilliant. And of course my apologies. If it's any consolation I'll miss this place as much as you will. It just is what it is.

Never mind all that, it was fun while it lasted and who knows, perhaps we'll all meet again in the funny pages some day.



swirled by the current
the blossoms dallied briefly
then went their own way

And just below you'll find FB's haiku from last week. It was the best he ever wrote and spookier than any of us knew. Ciao boys and girls.