Wednesday, February 3, 2010

such a pretty spot
the perfection of the breeze
blowing my mind


john said...

to kill the ego
one game of russian roulette
who's taking the pic

john said...

red drips over white
blue seas recede serenely
life is but a dream

nobody said...

such a pretty spot
the perfection of the the breeze
blowing my mind

Anonymous said...


Sea sand and shooting
A smile on a Sunny day
This guy’s lost his head

Anonymous said...

No more Beat Takeshi
He pulled the trigger, smiling
Now we can smile too.


nobody said...

For those not in the know, the fellow in the picture is Japanese comedian/columnist/film director and all-round renaissance man, Beat Takeshi, from one of his early films, Sonatine.

The Schutte isn't a fan it appears. C'arn the Schutte, you didn't like Hanabi? And don't tell me you're going to get all purist over Zatoichi are you? I reckon Zatoichi was worth it just for the soundtrack.

Good haiku though...

Anonymous said...

First Zatoichi: Damn the originals were good and damn the takeshi beat version was boring and dumb. The originals had great soundtracks too! That after a long string of really bad movies, it is true, I cannot claim to be a fan of the beatster.

der schutte

Magdelena said...
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john said...

choosing to end life
what brings us to this moment?
smiling in the sun

Doug Plumb said...

Calm before the storm
moments seem so long