Friday, June 26, 2009

taramasalata, anyone?

Okay, time to try something a bit different. Previously everything was pivoting around me (as schoolmaster, ha ha). Fact is, I have no great desire to be that fellow. I'd just like to write some haiku, and read other people's, and otherwise have a bit of a laugh.

To this end let's try making the whole thing a bit more democratic. Rather than me posting a pic and selecting the best haiku that I add to the front page, I'll open the front page to whomever wants to post. They may post a pic, or some music (linked to for download kind of thing), or whatever, with their own bit of poetry underneath it. Actually if you just want to post a naked haiku without any pic at all, that sounds fine to me. And then with that as our inspiration, the rest of us pile into the comments, and off we go. There will no be selection of 'best' or anything like that.

So! Rather than a class with teacher handing out gold stars it will be more like a poetry evening with people taking turns to wax rhapsodic. And the comments will serve as the 'red-wine-with-jatz-and-taramasalata' banter afterwards, if you can dig it. It's so much more grown up this way I think. Oh, and it's byo red wine and taramasalata, ha ha.

I sent out invites to the regulars already, and Buff (otherwise unprompted) started the ball rolling. Very good! The only thing I'd add is that since it's your pic Buff, you get to stick your haiku beneath it (PS - done already). I haven't quite figured out the invite thing yet and I'm not sure who did or didn't receive them. Best I can figure, you need a blogger account. And I think I need your email in order to invite you. If you want to post on the front page (Hi Su, you up? Other John?) I think the best thing would be to send me a 'DON'T PUBLISH' comment over at the church with your address in it, and then I can add you to the list. If you don't care for that (and I can't say I blame you), well, there's always the comments.

I do admit that the possibility exists that this will crash and burn if too many people all pile in at once. I don't want to dictate how often a new entry should go up but, I think one a day is a bit much. I'm thinking one every three days or so would work better.

PS No need for any criticisms of what's posted. Life's too short, and haiku are too. Post/don't post, comment/don't comment, that's all there is to it. As ever, we seek the sublime, and if we can't have that, we'll just have a laugh. Yoroshiku!


nobody said...

red wine is fine...
but taramasalata!
What a mouthful!

Penny said...

but, didn't you like being the haikutator?

nobody said...

Hello Pen, um... not particularly. I just want to write some haiku.

Penny said...

If nobody won't
The misfit somebodies must
Show their haiku hands

nobody said...