Friday, August 7, 2009

my hands to my ears
blocking other's siren songs
yet my own sings on


su said...

contained in a frame
with swirling provocative imagery
these legs held together.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Eve in the garden
Despairs, “Oh why didn’t God let
Me pee standing up”.

su said...

N from Belgium,
Hee hee.

john said...

oh, why to worry
for all is not lost to thee
deep down God's still there

nobody said...

Said Eve to her God, 'What is this?'
'How come Adam can stand for a piss?'
Said God, 'No need for a blue,
you can pee standing too.
But really, does it become a young Miss?'


Hullo Su, I'm glad you popped back in.

john said...

gauguin dreams eden
travels far to meet his dream
taking France with him